Quick Mix: Gin Cocktail

     Are you getting tired of my rants and long, drawn out stories?  If not, chances are you are either my mother or a dear friend.  The “Quick Mix” series will feature an original cocktail with no home-made ingredients or infusions, and products you can pick up at most grocery and liquor stores.  Enjoy!

Semi Suite

1 oz. Tanqueray Gin

1 oz. Pimms #1

.75 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

.5 oz. Agave Nectar

.25 oz. Drambuie

1 Medium Strawberry

6-8 Mint Leaves

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Muddle the strawberry in mixing glass.  Take mint leaves in palm of one hand and give them a good slap with your other, then place on top of muddled strawberry…make sure NOT to muddle your mint.  Add all other ingredients, shake vigorously with ice, and double strain into coupe glass…make sure to double strain with this one, use a tea strainer.  Garnish to your little hearts desire…


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  1. This looks very tasty and is a great twist on the Pimms Cup – nicely done Chad!

  2. Ugh! This is totally what I missed last night due to no Pimm’s. Will have to try this one day, it looked fab!! Love the blog, looks like there’ll be quite a few recipes to add to our home collection.

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