Peas In A Pod: Armagnac Cocktail

Frank William Wasielewski.  “Frank,” “Franky Baby,” “Free Jazz,” “Jazz,”  “The guy in the hat.”  This man comes from good stock; blessed with a mother who’s heart radiates pure kindness and a father with infinite strength and wisdom…no one can understand what went wrong.

Frank is a hero among humanity; Frank is my friend.

Everyday of our lives we are in contact and surrounded by other people; everyone of us, myself included, are fallible, fragile and ugly.  Most of us, crying behind the hand-drawn smiley face on our full body prophylactic.  We protect ourselves with constant judgement of others misfortunes and actions, while seamlessly justifying our own.  Every so often, someone comes into your life and you immediately feel blessed.  Not because they are perfect, because they understand that you are not.

In these rare relationships we feel true love and comfort.  Able to shed our emotional condom and faithfully dive into the well-spread empathetic cheeks of trust.  Feeling appreciation instead of judgement for releasing our load of insecurities on the chest of our confidant.  Frank and I barebacked emotionally…and it felt right.

Frank has been living in New York  since July of 2010, awaiting to cross paths with the beautiful future that I know he has in store for him.  I think about Frank quite a bit.  This tends to happen with voids left by exceptional human beings that are no longer apart of your day to day.   Dan, Dana and John Dye are without exception.

I thought about Frank after coming up with this cocktail.  I thought about how much he would have liked it.  He would have told me that it was in his wheelhouse.  I pictured him drinking it in his well pressed shark skin suit, slouched fedora, red skinny tie and polished Stacy’s, listening to Vince Guaraldi after hours in a dark, familiar bar.  Love and miss you Frank…Dig it baby.

Little Drop of Poison

1.75 oz. Armagnac

.5 oz. Averna Amaro

.25 oz. Fernet Branca

.25 oz. Benedictine

Stir ingredients in mixing glass with ice.  Strain into a chilled coupe.  Garnish with a lemon twist.


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